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This is best suited for dogs that are very social and enjoy being around other dogs.

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He stands alert, eyes focused, body quivering! I unsnap the leash and he is off toward her and her dogs like a bolt of lightening! And who are these beloved friends he can't wait to go greet? Well Jody and her pack of course! Our Benny adores Jody and she returns his deep love for her. Dogs are very honest about who they love and trust. If this is the relationship you want for your dogs when you can't be with them then I whole heartedly recommend Jody and her team at Dog Walker Extraordinaire. They are true professionals with the expertise and love for animals that we are all looking for when it comes to help with our pet care needs. Our family feels very blessed that when we were new to this area and had a newly adopted dog that we met Jody. I hope you will be so fortunate. Your dog sure will be glad if you do!!!

Diane H. Marina Del Rey August 26, 2016

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