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Timed Visits for your pets VS Untimed Visits and why we do what we do

All about our Untimed Pet Sit Visit

Our Untimed Pet Sit Visit is all about providing top notch service for our treasured fur clients and you, their pet parents.  The Untimed Pet Sit Visit meets the physical and emotional needs of your pets, while also providing you peace of mind whether you are away for a day or an extended period of time


What is an untimed pet sit visit, anyway?

Many companies traditionally offer a timed visit.  This means that you as the client contract with a  pet sitting company to come in for a set period of time, which quite often equates to 30 minutes.  In that timed 30 minutes, all needs of your pet must be met and if you would need more time, you would need to pay for it. The untimed visit is quite the opposite.  You contract us to come in and meet the needs of your pet.  You tell us what your pet needs on each visit and our goal is to meet those needs without the pressure of a specified amount of time.

The emotional needs of your pets should never go overlooked.

Just like their human counterparts, pets have their own unique set of emotional needs.  Some pets need or want a small dose of attention and love while others thrive on connection and developing an emotional attachment. Additionally, some pets take a little time to warm up and come out of their shell (or favorite hiding spot) while others are waiting eagerly at the door for whomever decides to walk through.  We individualize our pet sit visits to benefit all of our animals.


The physical needs of your pets come with their own unique set of requirements, too.

All dogs need to be fed and exercised on a pet visit, right? Sounds easy enough yet, not so much.  Again, just like humans all pets have a variety of physical demands and needs that can’t quite fit a one size fits all mentality.  Puppies and some breeds of animals are genetically predisposed to need a lot of physical activity while senior dogs or those with physical limitations may not require as much.  Furthermore, some pets have other needs that require the dispensing of medicine or giving insulin shot which would make it difficult to fit in during a timed visit.

As you can see implementing an untimed pet visit protocol, has a greater likelihood to meet the needs of your pets while providing you with much needed, and deserved, peace of mind.  Gone are the days of worrying if your pet received enough patience, love or exercise.  The untimed visit allows us to stay until your pet has had his fill of all of the above.  Win – win!