How We Structure our Pet Sit Visits/House sits and last minute requests

Leaving home can be stressful when having to plan for the care of your animals. You may have arranged a neighbor, friend or colleague to care for your home and animals. Sadly- we get panic calls from some of our clients because sometimes the best laid plans fall through.That’s where we come in. DWE  is licensed and insured and not only can we cover the sit but in the unlikely event that one of our sitters had to cancel we have back up!House sits are a way to keep your animals  stress-free in the comfort of their own home while you are away.

Whether you are on vacation or away at work, we are always happy to set up one or more pet sit visits with your animals! You will have the peace of mind that your home and your animals are well cared for. We will send you pictures and updates as many times as requested during our sit.  There will be no time spent wondering if someone is actually walking and caring for your animals!


We can arrange for one of our DWE animal guardians to stay overnight!

An overnight visit will provide your pet with the next best option to you being home. This option allows your pet to stay home but – not alone!  Our standard house sit starts at 7PM. We arrive to your home- feed, walk, and love upon your animals- another walk before tucking in for the night and then upon waking in the morning a walk and feed again before we depart  for our normally scheduled day visits by 8AM.  The best thing about this option is that it keeps your pet on his routine, or as close to his routine as possible.  This will help to eliminate any stress and separation anxiety that he may feel while you are away.  It also provides your home with the added security benefit of being “lived in” while you are away.


So what about during the day?


If you are on vacation, your pet will most certainly need one or more day pet sit visits as well.  The day visit comes at an additional cost but provides an opportunity for potty breaks and some much needed love and exercise. The number of visits will be determined by you –  and your pet’s needs.  This can be discussed but will normally mimic the normal daily routine of feedings and potty breaks.


As you can see, there are options that fit every pet and pet parent’s needs!  Whether you need day visits, overnight visits of any combination of the two, we’ve got you covered!