Why a cancelation Policy?

You might be wondering “Why do you need to have a cancelation policy in place for a dog walking service?” It has become policy to protect our most precious asset, and that is the dogs we serve.  However, understanding our cancellation policy will help save you some additional grief should you find yourself in the position of needing to cancel, whatever the reason may be.

As the trusted dog walking service, we have many fur clients on our roster each day.  In fact, our routes are planned ahead and directly based upon the dog, his or her  needs, and location. Each dog has a block of time that that is solely theirs  and we do not deviate from that.  This means that your dog gets exactly what you trust and pay us for. We also plan out which dog walker would be best suited for each individual dog and his specific needs.

While it is our request that you provide us with 24 – 48 hours’ notice when canceling a service, we do understand that life happens.  There are unexpected circumstances that may, unfortunately, derail your plan of needing our services.  We get that.  Keeping that in mind and trying to be respectful of your circumstances, we have instituted a policy that we believe to be fair for all parties involved. We require to be notified by no later than 7A.M. on the day in which services have been scheduled.  If this policy is not adhered to, we will be left with no other option than to charge the previously agreed upon fee.  By standing by our policy, it keeps our wheels of service moving without any hitches and also allows us to accommodate other requests and add last minute clients to the roster, some who may have been turned down to do a previously fully booked roster.

We always try to honor and accommodate all requests we receive and kindly ask that our clients respect the policies and procedures we have put in place. After all, it’ is  to protect the interests of the dogs that are happily waiting for their daily walk. 

To review DWE’s policies you may do so by using this link: