My dog is my best friend.

I know what she needs by the way she looks at me. I know when she has to get outside quickly to take care of her business. I know when she is sad, when she is happy, and I know when she is not comfortable around other dogs or in different situations.

I spend A LOT of time with  her. So when I am not able to be there with her, I want someone who knows her and bonds with her like I do. Not to say that the relationship she has with another person is the exact same as the one she shares with me, but it’s an important connection, as she is my family!

Where am I going with this? It brings me to why having another human guardian in her life when I am not there is so very important to me, and to her. Now, obviously she can’t talk so I have to be her voice … therefore, when I am not around I hire one of my staff who knows my beloved girl very well. They also know me! Now that’s what I call a positive relationship.

I must say before I delve deeper here, that I’d like to have faith that anyone who wants to work with animals truly must be a compassionate and caring person… BUT.. (yea, there is a ‘but’ here) …sometimes that just does not happen.

Lately I have seen a lot of BLANK company (without mentioning names, let’s just say this company is comprised of and works off of, a popular ‘ap’ for dog walking) walkers associated with this particular company walking all over the Westside. It came to my attention just the other day once again, when one of the walkers who was staring down at their phone unknowingly and not realizing who/what was in front of them, kept walking towards me and my pack – luckily I had full control of all of my pups and calmly led them across the street so there would not be a confrontation. That black mirror they call a smartphone sure does get in the way of a safe, enjoyable dog walk (IF you let it)!

It got me thinking a lot about what I mentioned in the beginning of this blog – my relationship with my dog! And how I want to have another human companion to bond with her too, when I’m not available, AND the same human companion every time!  Not to mention – I can call on this person (the same one) for advice, for a house sit, for a last minute – for (yes this happens) extra key because I locked myself out of the house!

So, back to the fact that I think it’s a wonderful thing to have the compassion and patience and caring to work with animals BUT- it takes more than just that to be a truly committed animal guardian.

I also like to call Uber – and every time I do I get a different driver (stranger) and so of course I don’t have any relationship with that person. Therefore if I was having an issue with transportation or my car broke down, I could not call that person because I am simply restricted to tapping an ap. Sorry, But my girl, my pup, my family member who I mentioned earlier- she is so precious and important to me that I can not even think of tapping an ap to provide love and safety for her!  After all- she is my best friend and I want her to have a best friend when I am not around. You know that saying “It takes a village”, right?

DWE is the village it takes to care for your animals. We don’t tap an ap nor do we “tune out” when your animals are in our care. It is our commitment to you, our clients, and most of all to the animal angels who rely on us to love and care for them as if they were our very own.