I have the best J.O.B. in the universe. Everyday I am surrounded by unconditional love and happiness. 

There is work to do though. A dog will not just put their trust in me right away. This is something that happens with time, energy and understanding. 

At the beginning when first working with a new dog usually in their mind they are thinking along the lines of “who is this person? where is she taking me? Who are these other dogs I am supposed to get along with?Slowly but surely the trust is built and the bond is strong. 

When I show up to pick up my pack they are so excited. We go out on adventures. We talk about life, love and the pursuit of finding the perfect tennis ball or the tree that offers the most squirrel viewing. When a new dog is introduced to the pack they trust me to know it’s a good fit. Dogs listen better than any human being I have ever met and they offer up the most serious unconditional love.

True fact. 

The worst part of my job is when you lose one of your pack. My heart strings get ripped out and the empty place it leaves hurts a lot. I have to be strong for my two legged clients and offer compassion and a strong face.  

I know they are heartbroken and it is my job to try as best as I can to maintain composure when really what I want to do is cry.  

This year I had some major losses. My heart will heal but those faces and the beautiful energy  and smiles at the doors waiting for me will always stay with me, and the trees and squirrels and tennis balls will always be a reminder. 

One thing I know for sure is, I am the most fortunate human to have been able to spend my time with these amazing animals. They make me a better human.

There is no doubt about that.