In less than 48 hours our pack dwindled down. In 72 hours we  temporarily shut down DWE.

For some reason it never occurred to me that this would affect the company as it did. Perhaps I was just in my own bliss not really thinking the dogs would not need us but not remembering that it is not about that – it is that we are all at risk now and the best way to deal with this pandemic is keeping a distance.

In reflection over these last 2 weeks since we temporarily shut down speaking for myself and I know all the others that work with me feel the same way, the emptiness you feel without your pack is intense. The animals bring such incredible joy on a daily!

I have said this over and over again but still stands true- Yes we make a living doing what we do but this J.O.B is not just making a living its making a life- It is so fulfilling and joyful and keeps my blood pressure down and my happiness level over the top.

No matter how my day is going the happiness factor is at 100 % when I am with my pack. I miss the faces and tails wagging at the door so over the top to see me. What other experience can I possibly have that would be the same? The dogs don’t care how awful my singing voice is or what we talk about- and yes- I do talk to my packs. 

I have heard from so many colleagues and we are all in the same boat- Feels so weird not to do what we do every day- out in nature with our packs enjoying every moment. 

Having an abundance of  time on my hands now I have been walking my own dog so many times a day that she tries to hide from me when I get my sneakers on. I see so many people in my neighborhood walking their dogs. That makes me really happy. Maybe on the bright side of things your pups so welcome the fact that most of you are home now hunkered down with them.

As for  our human clients, I have been blown away by the support you have given to us. How absolutely fortunate we are to have you all as valued clients.  

I hope you are staying safe- and that you’re keeping your pups on their daily walk schedule that they are used to.  

We are counting the days until we are on the other side of this so we can go back to our regular lives again- as regular or normal as that may be after this… who knows – we may really change the way we do everything!  

I have been thinking that we will have a new slogan now in terms of time-  Pre Corona or Post Corona. 

May you all stay healthy- safe and we will see ya soon!