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Jody Rudy – Founder

Jody Rudy is the founder and owner of Dog Walker Extraordinaire. Jody has a long, deep connection  with animals and is honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to work with companion animals and their human guardians. Originally from New York, Jody moved to Los Angeles in 1986 and spent over 10 years as a concierge for numerous luxury 5-star hotels, including Ritz Carlton & Shutters on the Beach.

In 2001, Jody left the hotel industry to form her own personal concierge company, Complete Concierge.

One of the most popular requests from her personal concierge clients was for dog walkers and pet sitters, and it was difficult to find reliable companies for her clients to use. Being an animal lover herself and having dogs all her life, it became apparent that there was a need to start a company dedicated to the care of companion animals.

The happiness and joy of being with animals every day was what she needed. She knew that there were other like-minded people who would partner with her in creating a solid company with a simple plan: Treat all animals as if they are your own, make humans feel completely at ease, and attract as many other animal guardians as possible to join her on her mission to benefit and care for all companion animals. In 2006, Dog Walker Extraordinaire was formed (DWE as it is so fondly called) and the rest is history.

Jody lives in Del Rey with her husband and 2 kids along with Golden Retriever Ziggy and Belgian Malenois, Bowie.


Specialty Care,  Birds,  Cat Care,  Reptiles, Fish,  Dogs and Cats

I was born and raised in Southern California. Having come from a family of 10 we always had 1 to 3 dogs whose presence we enjoyed daily. From the age of 12 I found a new love in birds and have had several, in addition to horses. My husband, daughter and I live with cats who we rescued  12 years ago.

Animals all of shapes and sizes have always been a core part of my life. My role as DWE Farmers Market Booth Manager gives me welcomed opportunities to continue to appreciate and interact with dogs regularly and other furry friends throughout the year.


Dog Walker

I was born in the Philippines and grew up all over the world, close to nature and surrounded by animals.  I am comfortable around all animals and respect their pack mentality.  As a child, I had my own little pack of three dogs & a country hare named Smokey the Bandit. I have integrated many dogs who were once fearful or aggressive into my pack and have watched them transform.

Jody and I have been working together since the start of DWE and have experienced so much  that we joke about one day writing a book!


Dog Walker, Cat Care, DWE Booth Staff

I majored in music at UCLA and have been a professional singer for over 30 years, performing opera, art song recitals, cabaret & musical theater. Working with DWE and spending time with my pack of pups has been one of the happiest things I have ever experienced! I look forward to being greeted by them every day. They make my heart sing!

Sara S.

DWE Booth staff, Dog Walker, Cat Sitter

While my family has always had a beloved group of cats in the house; I’ve had no shortage of dogs, horses, birds, and other fantastic animals in my life. Before I could walk I had started riding horses, and at the tender age of 4, I began volunteering at animal shelters and rescue groups to walk dogs and visit with cats in need of a home.

I’ve been working at the Farmer’s Market Booth for 4 years now and am always thrilled to take care of the wonderful dogs that come by the tent.


Dog Walker, House sitter, Day Sits, Cat Care, Birds, Cats, Reptiles, Fish

I grew up in Whittier, California. My real name is Elana Araujo but most people know me as Leni spelled many different ways! I have been around animals my whole life and became a pet sitter/dog walker/cat sitter since 2008. I do not subscribe to any particular animal because I love them all!

Besides dogs and cats I care for Turtles, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and Iguanas.

My best friend is a 16 year old Shi Tzu named Lola the punk rock Chola! Working with DWE has been great and I have cared for so many wonderful animals, some very special needs, which makes me so happy that I am able to benefit them in so many ways.

Sarah K.

DWE Booth Staff

I have lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. I grew up with a large Collie named Cinnamon who lived 17 years. My love for dogs big and small is huge and I love being around as many pups as possible so my time at the DWE booth is so fulfilling.


Dog Walker, House Sitter, Cat Care,
DWE Booth Staff

Debbie has been dedicated to animals on many levels most of her life, including being active in animal advocacy groups and promoting plant-based diets and lifestyles. “We protect what we love so becoming an animal guardian become an obvious choice when I chose semi-retirement.


Dog Walker, Trainer

After a major in Psychology at UCLA, and attending Pharmacy school I received a doctorate as a Pharmacist as well as a few canine companions along the way! I am a huge advocate for rescue as well as education on training and integrating new animals into a home. I have a deep connection wth dogs and have re- homed and rescued many animals.
My work with dogs focuses on positive reinforcement and acceptance.

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