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Our Story | Dog Walker Extraordinaire

Our Story

About Dog Walker Extraordinaire

Dog Walker Extraordinaire was established in 2006.

The business plan revolved around trust, sincerity and simplicity: create a service that is easy to use, build a dependable staff who cares for each animal as if it were their own, and strive to accommodate the specific needs of each client.

Dog Walker Extraordinaire has grown immensely as satisfied customers provided numerous client referrals. DWE staff are dedicated animal lovers who understand that when you’re away from home, you want your pets in the very best of care with the most responsible caretaker.

If you want to find out more about us, we encourage you to call, email, or check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and see what we are up to.

At DWE, we want to get to know you and your animals- if there are changes to your pet’s health or routine we would like to hear about it. Taking care of your beloved pets is a very personal and privileged task. We welcome you to become part of the DWE Family!

Hours of Operations
Monday - Friday: 9-5PM
Our office is closed on Saturday and Sunday